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Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

#1 Quality Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

Curtain Cleaning Brisbane provides same-day onsite curtain Clinds & drapers cleaning services in Brisbane. Eagle Cleaning Services is the pioneer in curtain and blind cleaning in Brisbane. We have exclusive solutions for your precious curtains and blinds. Call Now @ 0488 852 088 for Curtain and Blind Cleaning Brisbane

Curtain Cleaning Brisbane
Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

Brisbane’s Professional Curtain Cleaning Company

Are you looking for excellent, professional, and cost-effective curtains and blinds cleaning services near your place in Brisbane? Your quest ends at Eagle Cleaning Services – a 20-year-old company delivering quality curtains and blinds cleaning services all over Brisbane. Our exclusive cleaning techniques and services give a new charm to your curtains and blinds.

Your curtains and blinds are a costly investment – in terms of money and time. You spend a lot of time finding the most suitable and beautiful curtains and blinds to cover your windows and doors. They give a brand new look to your place. However, this does not remain the same always because with time your curtains and blinds get dirty and lose their brightness. Give them their brightness back with our exquisite curtains and blinds cleaning services in Brisbane!

Why Professional Curtain Cleaning?

Curtains act like a shield between you and the contaminants present in the air. Just like your carpets, your curtains also attract bacteria, viruses, pollens, allergens, and contaminants from the air and keep them to themselves. Therefore, gradually your curtains become home to all these pollutants. Unclean curtains do not just look unattractive but can also lead to dangerous health hazards to the inhabitants.

Moreover, the intolerable odor of dirty curtains leaves a negative impression on everyone. In-home cleaning methods are insufficient for deep cleaning of curtains and blinds. Herein comes the role of professional curtains and blinds cleaning. At Eagle Cleaning Services we give you the finest and deepest cleaning services for curtains and blinds. We deep clean your curtains by two methods – offsite curtain cleaning and onsite curtain cleaning. Depending upon the need and your personal preference, we choose the most appropriate method.

What to Expect from Drapes Cleaning

At Eagle Cleaning Services, our experts free your drapes and curtains from dust mites, dirt particles, contaminants, odor, smell, and stains with our absolutely flawless cleaning services. We make your curtains clean, healthy, hygienic, stain-free, and fragrant. We assure you the following benefits with our curtains and blinds cleaning services:

  • Removal of bacteria, virus, mould, and pollutants
  • Improved decor with cleaned curtains and blinds
  • Improved life for your curtains and blinds
  • Cost cutting by cleaning curtains and avoiding the need for replacement
  • Enhanced air quality of the surroundings
  • Reliable services with guaranteed results

Our licensed and certified cleaners at Eagle Cleaning Services give noticeable and visible differences in your curtains and blinds after our cleaning services.

How We Perform Curtain & Blind Cleaning

Professional Curtail Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Eagle Cleaning Services is the pioneer in curtains and blinds cleaning services. We have exclusive solutions for your precious curtains and blinds. Our customized solutions ensure you get the best of service. Our cleaning processes are as described below:

Onsite Curtains Cleaning Process

Eagle Cleaning Services is equipped to clean all kinds of curtains including roman curtains and vertical curtains. For synthetic curtains and mixed fabrics, we prefer curtain steam cleaning. However, for silk, 100% cotton, and velvet curtains we use curtain dry cleaning.

Our onsite cleaning process comprises these steps:

  1. First of all we inspect the curtains to choose an appropriate cleaning method and solution.
  2. We pre-treat the stains of the curtains before the cleaning begins.
  3. Depending upon the fabric of the curtain, we either use dry cleaning or steam cleaning.
  4. We deodorize the curtains after cleaning for odour removal.
  5. For quick drying, we have state-of-the-art air dryers.
  6. Finally we do a last inspection of the cleaned curtains for our and your satisfaction.

Blinds Cleaning process

Eagle Cleaning Services offers complete cleaning solutions for all kinds of blinds. We have options for roller blinds cleaning, vertical blinds cleaning, Venetian blinds, and all kinds of other blinds cleaning services. Our process is:

  1. The first step is removing the fittings and then inspecting the blinds and the surrounding area.
  2. Our specialists use green cleaning solutions to clean all of these fittings.
  3. Each column blind is then cleaned with suitable solutions.
  4. Once cleaning is done, we fix the fittings back.
  5. Once done, the surrounding areas of the blinds are thoroughly cleaned and polished.
  6. We also clean the framework for absolutely clean finishing touch.

Why Eagle Cleaning Services for Curtain Brisbane?

Eagle Cleaning services gives you various reasons to choose us for curtains and blinds cleaning; have a look:

  • Affordable Curtain Cleaning Services
  • We are insured.
  • Licensed, certified, and trained Curtain Cleaners Team
  • 200 years of industry experience.
  • Latest tools & Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We work round the clock, even on weekends & public holidays.
  • We provide same day & emergency services.

Keeping your curtains and blinds is neither difficult nor costly anymore. Just call Eagle Cleaning Services!

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