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Hi I would like a quote for 2 bathrooms and blinds please. Do you resealable edges of tiles also? Thanks

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Quote for roman blinds and curtains

Could you please quote for dry cleaning 4 Roman blinds (3 are 1500 x 1360) and one is approx 1000 x 1360. Also, I have 4 curtain drops. Not sure how these could be cleaned. I am not using any of these again, as they are in quite good condition and I might sell them. Thanks Joanne

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building tile cleaning

We would like to have our building common area tiles to be cleaned as much as it can be. Not sure the total area size, a few options comes with a quote would be good.

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Furniture Cleaning

I have two arm-chairs and a two-seater sofa that I would like to have cleaned. All are suede material. Thank you.

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