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Guide me to know about the charges and time required for the treatment?

We charge very nominal amount for our services. Our Pest Control Charges page says full details about the charges. Just check it once. For more information on the matter, you can call and ask our helpline.
The time needed for the treatment can be said that after seeing the condition of the infestation. If the mess is serious then it will take more time to treat. In general, insect treatments are very quick and require only a few minutes to deal with.

How long will it take to have my tiles cleaned and sealed?

For an average sized room (up to 250 square feet), it typically takes 45-90 minutes to clean the tiles and the grouts.

What procedure will you follow to clean our tiles and grouts?

We follow an efficient procedure to ensure that your tiles and grouts are completely spotless. Here is what we are going to do-

  • Pre-inspection- Determining the type of floor and tiles you have is the first thing our cleaners will do. They will then suggest the best procedure depending upon your tile type. They will convey to you about the price before moving to the next step.
  • Application of cleaning solutions- They will then apply environment-friendly chemicals which penetrate deep into your floor to ensure that there are no stains. This dislodges all the dirt, dust, grime and other particles from your tiled surface.
  • Scrubbing-An n efficient scrubber will be used to make sure that your tiles and grouts are 100% clean. Using high-pressure water and a rotor brush, our experts will remove all the oil, dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants from your floor.
  • Vacuuming- Our experts will use a high-power vacuum to finish the cleaning procedure in the most effective manner.
  • Fast drying- Using the latest dryers, our experts will fast dry your surface to make sure that there is no moisture on your tiles and grouts.