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How to Steam a Curtain?

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  • August 10, 2019

Steam cleaning is the best choice when it comes to clean your curtains. Steam cleaning curtains helps to remove bacteria or dirt, it also helps in stain removal But you should analyze and understand what type of fabric it is or it will destroy your curtain. If your curtains have thick fabric then it can take high heat temperature but if it is thin then you have to keep the temperature low. Steaming pushes out unwanted dirt, dust, and allergens, erase stains and kill bacteria which keep your curtains clean and new.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

By Following The Below Process, Your Curtains will Look As New.

  1. Don’t take your curtains down it will not help in steaming even you can steam them while curtains are in situ. An easily convenient and effective option is to clean them where they stand.
  2. Before start Curtain Cleaning Methods, read the manufacturer’s directions to avoid certain damage. Fill the steamer’s water tank, select the heat setting according to your curtain’s fabric and wait until it heats up. After that, you are ready to start steaming your curtains..
  3. Pull the trigger of your steamer, and start applying it on curtains. The best way is to start from the top, cover upperparts and slowly come to the bottom. With every stroke of steam, move your way to another area of a curtain until each area of curtain has been steam.
  4. Stand another side of the curtain and repeat the whole process to clean every inch of the curtain. After completion of the above steps if the curtain is not clean then repeat the entire process. In this case, you can try using a higher heat setting. If curtains are getting wet then stop the process and hold the steamer away from the curtains.


  • Don’t push the steamer much harder or it can damage the curtains and windows.
  • Be careful while using the steam cleaner it can burn your sensitive skin. Always remember to wear protective clothing during steam cleaning. Do it carefully or contact the Professional Curtain Cleaning in Brisbane.
Professional Curtail Steam Cleaning
Professional Curtail Steam Cleaning

You Can Take The Professional’s Help.

We can do curtain steam cleaning for you at your time. You can trust Eagle Cleaning Services and experience safe and valuable service. We have an experienced team of professionals who can do this job for you. Whenever you need us we are always here to help.

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