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Key Methods for Cleaning Your Curtains

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  • June 8, 2019

Curtains are a sophisticated addition to the home ambience and decoration. They not only attract attention to your decor also they attract dust and dirt. Curtain Cleaning can be a really tedious task. Curtains act as a shield against sunlight, dust, grime, dirt, water vapor and smoke. Some of these particles are absorbed in the curtains, making them a safe place for mold and allergen infestation. Proper cleaning methods and techniques are really important to be followed while cleaning curtains. This will help to eliminate the chances of curtain mold formation, mildew and deal with ugly stains. While following a routine Blind and Curtain Cleaning in Brisbane will make it easy to maintain and reduce wear and tear.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

Here is a Quick Guide to Clear Your Doubts About Curtain Cleaning Methods and Procedures:

Using Washing Machine:

Washing machine works great for curtains with no extra laces and frills. Materials like cotton, nylon or polyester are safe for machine wash. Always wash light weight materials in the washing machine. Heavy curtains become heavy and don’t dry off completely. Also, check the labels and cleaning guidelines for curtains before putting them in the machine.


  • Start by cleaning the washing machine.
  • Place the curtains without the loops or another way of placing them in the machine is by tying the loops with a thread.
  • Run the machine on the delicate cycle or if you don’t have the option, choose a cool wash with a slow spin.
  • Use Liquid Detergent to make sure no residue stays on the curtains.
  • Tumble dry on low heat. Hang the curtains when a little damp.

Cleaning White Curtains in Machine:

Cleaning white curtains can be really difficult task. Here are a few tips that can help treating white curtains a little easy.

  1. Start by filling the utility sink with hot water and submerge the curtains.
  2. Add lemon or vinegar to the hot water and soak the curtain for an hour.
  3. Bring out and squeeze out extra water.
  4. Air dry in sunlight or machine wash and tumble dry on low heat.

Hand Washing Curtains:

Hand-washing is anytime a safer choice than putting the curtains in the machine. Hand-washing works best with handloom materials and materials that have a chance of shrinking. It safe choice to wash delicate materials by hand wash. However, it’s not a great idea to hand wash very heavy materials, as it becomes difficult to remove water. When hand washing curtains:

  1. Use a normal laundry detergent made for washing delicates.
  2. Always check the product’s instructions for hand washing. Some of them will require different concentrations.

Steam Cleaning Curtains:

Steam cleaning curtains is both effective and convenient for heavy curtains as it does not require you to bring down the curtains.

  1. Start by cleaning from the top and work your way down to the bottom.
  2. Keep it at a distance, so the curtain doesn’t get wet.
  3. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before steam cleaning the curtain as it can be dangerous and can potentially cause burns.

Regular Upkeep and Maintenance:

Cleaning curtains will turn easier if you will keep your curtains. Taking care of your curtains will make it easier to sustain them for longer.

Here are a Few Tips that Can Help:

  1. Get to the top of the ladder and shake the curtains hard. This will help to get rid of the dust and dirt. Doing this weekly will reduce the dust and dirt collection in the curtains.
  2. Vacuuming the curtains with the soft brush attachment makes it easier to get rid of the dust and dirt that lands up every day. Pay extra attention to the top 6 inches where a major share of dirt and dust accumulates.
  3. Never make use of the upholstery attachment for cleaning curtains as it can snag the fabric.
  4. Use the lint or roller brush, if you are still not happy with the vacuum cleaning.
  5. Deodorise the curtains by placing a bowl of baking powder and a fragrant essential oil on the windowsill.
Expert Curtain Cleaner
Expert Curtain Cleaner

Call a Professionals:

If you wish to relax and get the best result, hiring a professional curtain cleaning service is the best idea. Hire Eagle Cleaning Services when it is about curtain cleaning service to relax and enjoy service within a short notice. We at Eagle Cleaning Services make use of the best products and techniques to take care of your curtains. Our skilled team of cleaning professionals promise to make your curtain cleaning a hassle free and delightful experience.

Other than just cleaning your curtains, we also give you tips and tricks to maintain them. We offer pocket friendly and premium quality services to take care of all your curtain cleaning needs. Still have a query? Contact our query expert at  Eagle Cleaning Services contact number and get rid of worries and woes.

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