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Pest Control Brighton

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  • May 25, 2018

Pest control Brighton. Call us @ 1800 233 023 and get fast, guaranteed, safe and secure pest control services at best rates in Brighton.

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What is a pest?

A pest is a type of plant or insect which is harmful to human health, their food and lifestyle. Pests can affect humans in the below mentioned ways:

Pest Control Brighton
Pest Control Brighton
  • Pests carry microorganisms which can cause illness. Example – Mosquitoes carry parasites which causes diseases
  • Moreover, pests like cockroach and caterpillar attack the vegetation.
  • Further, pests cause damage to stored food. Example – Rats and Mice eat grain, rice and biscuits and contaminate the food with their urine.
  • Also, pests can bite people. Example – Bed Bugs can bite humans and cause a lot of irritation in the skin.
  • Silverfish damages clothes and forms holes in the clothes.
  • Termites eat away the furniture.

Choose the Best Pest Control Company in Brighton

We solve all pest issues efficiently and speedily. Further, we ensure that you and your family members’ routine is not disturbed when treatment is going on. There are several Pest Control Brighton companies and they are all providing similar treatments, however, along with best treatment facilities, we also provide best services and full flexibility. Moreover, we help you get rid of pests quickly and safely, our service exceeds expectations – all this at a reasonable price. Our friendly and professional pest control team can reach you at all locations in Brighton including greater Brighton area, Northside, Southside, Western Suburbs, Bayside, Logan, Jimboomba and Beaudesert.

Our on-the-ground teams are experts in termite and pest control in both commercial and residential sector. They are trained in all appropriate methods for treating pest.

Our flexible packages

We identify your requirements and come up with strategies that are customized to your circumstances. Moreover, we offer tailored packages to suit certain short term and long term requirements of the clients. Also, we customize the package as per need, requirement and budget. If a client does not want to go ahead with the treatment of the entire house, office or building, we customize the package accordingly. Also, in case a client wants to get a package for only Termite treatment done every year, we can do that as well. Additionally, we are extremely flexible and are ready to customize ourselves on the basis of the client’s requirements.

Pest Control Brighton
Pest Control Brighton

We make it easy for you

We have a friendly customer liaison team which makes the whole process stress-free and easy for the customers. Further, we are very prompt in responding to customer requirements. Also, we are ready to provide treatment at convenient times for Pest Control Brighton. Moreover, we make sure that our technicians reach you on time.


We invest in staff training and certifications. As a result, we have Safety Management and Quality Management accreditation.

Pest Control Brighton
Pest Control Brighton

We believe in Social Welfare

We strongly feel in helping out our society and giving back in forms of charity and services to the community we live in. Thus, our team actively participates in collecting funds for numerous charitable communities.

You can contact us anytime to discuss our various packages. Also, we ensure to provide you the most competitive prices along with best facilities and services. Further, we ensure to provide you great satisfaction with our facilities and services.

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Pest Control Brighton

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  • September 28, 2017

Best Pest Control Services in Brighton

Pests are tiny creatures that can bring great havoc to our daily lives. They make our living difficult in our own homes. If you find any pests in your property don’t ignore or neglect, they grow fast and the problem becomes bigger than you can solve. Are you facing a pest problem in your house already? You think that you can’t solve it. We at Eagle Cleaning Services provide you with best pest control services in Brighton, that brings peace, health, and happiness back to your home.

Pest Control Brighton
Pest Control Brighton

Don’t hesitate to call us at 1800 233 023 and get an instant quote.

Pests can be really dangerous to your family health

Professional pest control is necessary to remove the pest problem from roots. We, Eagle Cleaning Services, identify the type, causes of pests, level of infection, best method for treatment and preventive measures for your pest problems

Wide range of Services

Our services are tailor made and come in different packages, you can just pick the service that suits your needs.

Pest Control Brighton
Pest Control Brighton
  1. General Pest Service: This is the basic level service we provide at our pest control Brighton Services in which we inspect your home and let you know about the type of infestation your home have. General insects like Ants, cockroaches, spiders, Silverfish etc. will be covered under this services. With this package, you can say a permanent goodbye to these insects.
  1. Rodent Service: Spotting a rodent in your kitchen or fridge when wake up late night to get water would definitely be a terrible experience. We use special chemical and baiting systems to draw out rodents from your property.
  1. Flea Service: Do you know that flea is the parasites for dreadful diseases like Plague? They feed on your blood and can give you serious health problems. Our pest management program effectively deals with such kind of pest problems and ensures a healthy living to you.
  2. Existing Rental House Service: Have you just moved into a rented house, that was closed for many days or badly maintained by the ex-tenant? Be careful you are moving into a breeding ground for diseases. Call our domestic pest services team to clean your rented house.
  3. Single Pest Service : We also serve singles! We have specific individual packages for every kind of pests. You can pick individual pest services as per your problems.

Our Pest control service package include following types of treatments & services:

  • Pre-purchase or New home timber pest inspection & Treatment service
  • Biflex 1% – long-term protection on new buildings Services
  • Termite protection to all homes Service
  • Pest Inspections Service
  • Kordon Termite barriers Service to control pests
  • Termidor – for treatment of termites in existing buildings service
  • chemical & baiting systems service
  • Quality termite proofing for New and Established Homes service
  • Stored product pests service
  • Fumigation Services
  • Pest Disinfection Services
  • Termite inspections service
  • Hygiene Solutions service

Weapons for all pest problems in your Home

There are various types of pests ranging from insects to birds, covering all levels of the animal kingdom. Every pest should be dealt with different methods of control. We have highly qualified experts in pest management to identify your pest type and provide you the best solutions.

Pest Control Brighton
Pest Control Brighton

Are you a real estate agent wanting to provide best pre pest treated homes to your customers, you are at the right place we maintain a strong working business relationship with all the Real Estate agents and provide services at discounted prices.

Our pest control for homes services includes

  • Insect Control: Our insect control service covers all kinds of insects like ants, cockroaches, bees and wasps, Spider, and Flies.
  • Mites Control: Mites are the four legged insects which act as parasites for various health problems. We provide a permanent solution for Flea, pests in stored food, Silverfish, Mosquito and ticks along with preventive measures for pests.
  • Rodent Control: This group of pests including Rats, Mice, and moles are effectively dealt.

We also provide Commercial and Industrial pest services

Starting your dream business, restaurant or industry? Is your office furniture attacked by termites? We offer guaranteed professionalism in providing you a full range of pest control services and pretreatments.

All treatments and products are tailor-made and provide customized pest control solutions for all your commercial establishments

  • Hospitals: Health providing areas are to be easily prone to pests due to the type of services they are providing. We ensure that cleanliness rules of hospitals are strictly followed by you.
  • Offices: Furniture in an office gets attacked by termites and the infection is easy to spread. Our termite specialists will utilize best quality chemicals available so that the problem never repeats.
  • Educational Institutions: It is necessary for the management to provide a safe and secure environment to students in schools. Pest Control Brighton have eco-friendly solutions that don’t cause any side effects.
  • Restaurants, Motel/Hotels: Food industry is unavoidably attacked by rodents and certainly causes a headache to the management to keep them out. Don’t worry we take that burden on to our shoulders.

We also provide services to Body Corporates, Food production sites, Commercial properties and Government Departments

Want to take action and solve your pest problems? Contact us

Book a service from our wide range of pest control packages online. Give us your details we will reach you soon. Call us now and get a local expert help instantly. Want to know how much our services cost? We will give you a free instant quote. Click here to place your question to our pest control experts.

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Customer’s Reviews

the best pest control service

I feel Eagle Cleaning Service is the best pest control Service provider for my requirement. Using their professional Services, you can control the pests like bed bugs, mice, ants, cockroaches, etc. Eagle Cleaning Service gave me a great relief. Just do not think more, go with Eagle Cleaning company. The professional pest control service can resolve the problem from the root. In spite of using all the household remedy as well I am unable to manage the mess. At the end, hiring a pest control service resolved my problem from the root. Now I am happy.
- Edward
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